“We had a major hail storm here in Bryan/College Station this February 1999. Our dealership had over 200 of our automobiles and trucks damaged. We hired FIX-A-DENT, repair our vehicles and is currently still doing work. I have been General Manager at this dealership for 19 years and was concerned about the hail damage and who repaired it. David and his company are outstanding. The quality of repair work was very good. Without question I would highly recommend David and Fix-A-Dent for all hail damage repair.” – Jeff Mac Donald, Marshall Olds Cadillac Buick, Texas

“On January 22, 1999 we had a hail storm in Bryan, Texas that did extensive damage to most of the vehicles owned by the residents of this area. We decided to hire a paintless dent repair company to assist us in the repair of our customers vehicles. After interviewing several paintless dent repair companies, we selected FIX-A-DENT based upon references we checked out and based upon the quality of FIX-A-DENT’s work which we examined.”

We provided FIX-A-DENT’s technicians space in our facilities to do the hail damage repair, and we worked out a financial agreement with FIX-A-DENT, Inc. that has proven to be very profitable for both our companies.”

We have found FIX-A-DENT to be very cooperative and professional, and our customers have been well pleased with the quality of their work. We recommend FIX-A-DENT, Inc. to anyone who needs assistance with hail damage repair.” – Denny Smith, Marshall Olds Cadillac Buick, Texas

“FIX-A-DENT has been in our dealership, Mike Anderson Chevrolet, to repair hail damage 2 years in a row. First in the spring of 1998, and again May and June of 1999. Both years there has been about $130,000.00 worth of damage. We have been very happy with their work and would have them back if we ever had more damage.” – Jim Ulerick, Mike Anderson Chevrolet, Indiana

“They have been repairing our hail damaged automobiles for us since the hail storm on June 20, 1996. The work they performed was excellent and we highly recommend them.” – Chuck Campagna, Sid Dillon Olds Cadillac GMC Trucks, Nebraska

“On April 16, 1998 the Warren County area was hit with severe hail, wind, and rain. Several cars and trucks parked at the Corvette Assembly plant in Bowling Green received some hail damage. We called you the following week in inquire about repairing these new GM cars and trucks. You came to see the vehicles and write estimates the same day. We were also able to have repairs done at the National Corvette Museum which is one half mile from our location. This saved time and money for both GM and FIX-A-DENT. The vehicles were repaired to General Motors high level of quality and were out of service for a few days and in some cases, only a few hours.”

Thank you for the excellent service and professionalism. We will call you again if we need your service and would recommend your company for repair of General Motors and any other new vehicles.” – Richard Uber, Bowling Green Assembly, Kentucky